At age 23, HM has already developed an extraordinary style of guitar playing and song writing. HM grew up with the guitar as his closest friend. Since age 9, playing has been his passion. (Little did he know that he was about to explore his way into writing, singing and composing his own work.) His ear for new sounds and (accuracy) makes stories of his songs. In the music of HM Johnsen one can detect a modern take on Pink Floyd alongside genres like pop and indie. With his long time backround as a huge Iron Maiden and Metal lover, heavy guitars and drumbeats is to be recognised. 


After chasing his dreams of becoming a long haired rockstar, just like Dave Murray in Iron Maiden, he became more and more comfortable playing the blues. He copied songs from Eric Clapton to Joe Bonamassa. He started to practise singing in his Caravan, where he lived in the woods during his study days. The result of this way of living inspired HM to write his first album CHASED. A mixture of his addiction to the guitar and the blues. 


After convinsing his hometown outside of Bergen, Norway to back him up financiall he went to Abby Road with the largest TV and Newsstation in Norway to film what this kid at age 20 was all about. After it had been sent on the air and the web, people started to make notice of this young ”Blues Rocker” from a small town in Norway. Norwegian Managers started calling, and HM ended up working with a Blues/Rock managment at this time. As the year 2017 followed he played on Blues stages and clubs around Norway. In 2018 he was rewarded to be the Norwegian Blues Union Artist of the year, as a gift heg ot signed up for over 50 Gigs, German Tour and also an American tour. 


At this time, HM had already started to dig in to jazz, pop, songwriting and was exploring with making his own genre. As the year went on with gigging every weekend and the whole summer, HM Decided to drop the US Tour and focus on his new own music. 


With a black suit, black guitar and his dark hair HM makes the crowd on his gig feel every note and every bend of his expression. As he started his profetional music carreer at age 16 he has traveled, made his own opinions and experienced both the best and the worst in the music industry. In his latest work and writing you can hear a young man with big thoughts of the world and the people who lives in it. 

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HM Johnsen - Majesty Records 2019